Thursday, April 10, 2008

Nahat pegs-available soon

Violin or viola pegs look quite nice on an oud, and there are plenty of styles to choose from. But it always bothered me a little to use them. I guess I just wanted everything on my instruments to me made specifically for them. The pegs are the only part of my instruments that I currently do not make in my shop. I've made a few, but I never bothered to get my lathe set up for doing small production runs, which would be necessary even for a couple instruments. So I did a little research and has some authentic Nahat pegs made by a fellow luthier who specializes in fittings. These are made from rosewood and are very nicely turned with thick shanks, allowing plenty of room for fine tuning the taper. For those who are particular, they could use a bit of fine touch up with some 220 grit on the grip, followed by 400, 600 and 0000 steel wool for a perfect finish. Polishing these up with wax will give a nice satiny glow. For a glossier look, a bit of shellac should do the trick. Look for these on the website soon. For authentic oud pegs, they can't be beat.

Pegs installed on a recent oud.

Original Nahat pegs, with my drawing for the prototype.

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