Monday, April 28, 2008

Brese plane--fitting the ebony infill

I milled the ebony last week to rough size. It didnt move at all over the weekend, so I though I'd go ahead and do some fitting.

I used a freshly honed #4 smoothing plane set for a very light cut. The ebony planed beautifully.

Then I marked for the rabbet. I set my marking gauge by setting the fence on the top of the side wall, then sliding the beam down to the sole.

Marked and ready for cutting.

A couple passes on the table saw and the rabbet was almost there.

Using a shoulder plane I refined the cheeks of the rabbet. The inside of the plane body was slightly wider at the sole, so I had to remove about .01" from the top of the rabbet, and the taper this towards the bottom.

I used a block plane to taper the cheek along with the shoulder plane. Then I used a rather unique scraper to make it dead flat and really tweak the fit very gradually. This is a great tool made by a local shop. It's not really a woodworking tool per se, but I use for it all sorts of work, from fitting operations to rough scraping. Look for a more detailed blog post about this tool soon.

Planing the tapered cheeks

Planing the shoulder

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