Sunday, April 27, 2008

Brese plane-wood for the infill

I wanted a hard and heavy wood for the infill on this plane. Rosewood of some sort, ebony, boxwood, etc. My supplier didn't have much in terms of rosewood at the required thickness, but he did have some really nice ebony that's been in this warehouse for 3 or more years, so dryness should not be an issue. After milling it, it seems quite dry. I don't have a moisture meter, so I'm going by feel here mostly. I milled the blank to rough size, and I'm letting sit over the weekend to see if it moves. Hopefully next week I'll make some real progress on getting this plane finished. I would have preferred a beautiful piece of cocobolo for this plane, but I just couldnt get my hands on any, and the last batch of nice wood I had to use for Mag-bloks.

These would have made nice infills...

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