Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Brese plane--more infill fitting

Good fit

Marking the ramps

Here I'm shooting the bed of the rear infill...

...with a miter jack on the 90 degree side.

Here I'm checking the relationship between the infill bed and the sole bed using a flat stick I lapped dead flat just before this operation. I'm not sure how this is usually done, maybe with a steel gauge of some sort, or maybe just a finger. This seems to work about right for me.

I also checked diagonally in both directions. I'm told its better for the infill to be slightly rearward of the sole's bed rather than proud of it, so the iron beds on the brass. Of course the best is that they are both dead in the same plane. That's what I'm shooting for.

This is the bed after lapping (little out of sequence here)

The bottom left corner has a little blow out at edge and a little void that appeared when I cut the ramp. Brese tells me it's small enough not to matter. It doesn't bother me. Well, not entirely. :-)

Escapement ramp at 15 degrees, then curved.

Sawing the curved ends.

I sanded the curved ends on an edge sander with 150 grit.

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  1. Jameel-
    Thanks for documenting this process, there is nothing like pictures and video for teaching over the internet. You work so quickly and precisely with creativity and captivating design. Jezakallah Khair

    Josh Hopps


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