Monday, August 30, 2010

Nostalgia For The Work- Final Part

Here's the last of the nostalgic photos. Enjoy!

Woodworking school for black young women

Vocational school for boys, New York
Furniture shop, late 19th c. Note that two leg vises have no sliding handles on the screw.
Woodcarving, really crisp and fine work.
Boys' woodworking class
April, 1901
Boys' school. Nice chute board and plane on the bench in the foreground.
Prison woodshop. Note these leg vises are missing their handles too. Makes sense here...

Small furniture shop.


The Stanley display at the World's Fair., early 20thc.

For those interested, I obtained most of these images from the following sites:

David Rumsey Visual Collections

Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Reading Room

New York Public Library Digital Gallery

Hope you've enjoyed these vintage images. I had a great time assembling them.


  1. What a great series. You've really treated us to something special. Lots to ponder here. It makes me wonder where they all went with their varying skills and how the experiences of craft work for the young students affected their lives.

    Thank you.

  2. I agree, I have really enjoyed what you've assembled here. In fact I think you may have finished up with some of the best ones. I know it was a different day and age but I cannot imagine working in my shop in a three piece suit, though I think the shot of Stanley's world fair set up may be my favorite.

    Thanks for posting these.


  3. Another thought occurs to me about how they are dressed. My understanding of the history of the necktie, cravat, is that it was a symbol of class designation. Those who were in a station above using their hands wore them. Why would people in shops, then, sport ties, or was it just for the pictures?


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