Wednesday, August 25, 2010

For Sale: Leg vise from my Roubo bench

 Last year I installed a Glide Leg Vise on my Roubo bench. This replaced the original leg vise I built from a vise screw kit I purchased from Joe at Big Wood Vise.

Since then, the vise has sat in a rare empty spot in the corner of my shop. I actually have two of these vises, but the other one is part of my sliding leg vise, and I'll be keeping that one.

I'd feel a lot better if this excellent vise was being enjoyed by someone in their own bench.

The entire vise is made of Ash. The chop is 3-1/8" thick, 7-1/2" wide, and 26-7/8" long. The parallel guide is about 22" long, including the chop thickness, and is joined to the chop with three 3/8" drawbored pegs. The handle is not stock. I turned it from ash to match the vise. The original (which went AWOL some time ago) was too long for my tastes and wasn't made of ash.

The inside face of the chop is lined with thick leather. Also included are two polyethylene guide bushings. The loose one you'll have to mortise into the front of the bench's leg. This provides extra stability when operating the vise. It's not necessary though.

The two-piece ebony garter (which contrasts nicely with the screws's figured ash hub) fastens to the chop with stainless-steel cap screws. The vise has a couple coats of oil varnish and is in excellent condition. There are a couple "witness marks" here and there to add some character. This is a massive vise that would be perfect for any Roubo bench, and is ready to install. Price is $210 plus shipping (weight will be about 20 pounds). One other thing. Big Wood Vise isn't producing these screws at the moment, so if you'd like an ash vise screw (with an awesome vise attached), now's your chance. If you'd like the vise, drop me an email. First one gets it.


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