Saturday, January 3, 2009

Brese 875 Smoother--Wing Fitting

After fitting the bottom and inside face of the wings I positioned the tote in place and traced the bed angle directly onto the wing. I cut it close with the miter saw and tweaked the angle with a low-angle plane.

With a wing in the body in final position, I traced the outline of the side onto each wing.

And cut close to the line, leaving a bit of extra material for final trimming.

With the wings free of the tote and body, I took the opportunity to sand the curve very close to the body so there is minimal work to do once the infill permanently installed.

Here I'm filing off some bandsaw marks. I bought this file, among several others, from Slav Jelesijevich at the Woodworking in America conference last year. What a great purchase these files were. They are without a doubt the finest files I've ever used. I bought way too many from Slav, but now I'm glad I did. These are sweet tools.

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