Monday, January 5, 2009

Brese 875 Smoother--Tote Refining

After rasping to final shape I refine the surface and shape with some 180 cloth strips.

I then remove the scratch pattern with a small scraper. This leaves some fine facets, but those will sand out with 220.

Before final sanding I marked the boundary of the wings so I wouldn't sand this area.

I sanded the tote thoroughly, then rubbed with 0000 steel wool. I didn't sand or rub the areas where the wings will be glued, to keep them flat.

I fit the wings to the body and the tote to within about .008" of final dimension. This leaves very little work after the wings are glued to the tote. I used a surface plate to register the parts for gluing. The sides are a suction fit since they were lapped on the same plate. I applied glue to the inside of the wing only, to keep the glue cleanup to a minimum. I pressed the wings to the tote in final position, and held them there for about a minute until the glue grabbed.

I transferred the infill, wings firmly set, to my leg vise for curing. I double checked the alignment of the wings to the tote. One of them is off by about 3 thou. But that should lap out in a couple strokes after the infill cures.

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