Thursday, June 5, 2008

Say hello to The Barnacle

I originally designed the Mag-Blok for kitchen use. I was tired of storing my quality knives on cheap steel-and-rubber strips that seem specifically designed to knick and scratch fine kitchen cutlery. So it seemed only natural that the same solution for my kitchen knives should find its way into my tool cabinet. It's quite obvious that most woodworking hand tools are tailor made for the Mag-Blok. Chisels, marking knives, carving tools, they all find a nice home on a Mag-Blok. But what about those tools that don't contain iron? In other words, that don't stick?

Say hello to the Barnacle.

The Barnacle is a new Mag-Blok accessory for non-magnetic tools (such as this Glen-Drake Tite-Mark gauge) or tools that you may not want to use in direct contact with a Mag-Blok. The Barnacle adheres tenaciously to any Mag-Blok, due to the large chunk of steel that's embedded along the back edge, and invisibly at that, so when it's hanging out on a Blok, all you see is wood, just like a Mag-Blok. I haven't tested exactly how much weight it will hold, but I'm pretty confident it will support just about anything that will fit in the hole. I'm also pretty excited about the modular potential of using a number of Barnacles. It allows for quick rearranging for future tool purchases. The Barnacle will be available in different woods and configurations to suit different tools and applications. Stay tuned to the Benchcrafted Blog for updates on The Barnacle.

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