Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Bench #3 -- vise chops

I cut the slot for the parallel guide on the bandsaw, then popped out the waste with a chisel.

The slot is 5/8" wide.

And so are the tenons of the parallel guide that fit into it.

The other ends of the the parallel guides. Yes, I know it's just a bench, but it's got to have a little charm of its own too.

In one of the vise chops. The chops are just over 3" thick. I may thin them to around 2" for some weight savings.

The chop hanging from the parallel guide.

The handles that come with the screws from Big Wood Vise are quite nice, with large, turned wooden balls of maple, and oak for the handles. Even though I'm no fan of the lathe, I just couldn't resist making some handles of my own. And now these Ash handles match the screws.

After turning the handles I cut one end off on the bandsaw, leaving the stub tenon for chucking the knob.

While the knob was chucked I drilled it out for the handle.

Getting the leg vises to function properly is the next step. But first I'll build the bench top so I'll have a final reference for the height of the chops.

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