Monday, February 14, 2011

The Allure of Old Iron Realized

Last year (just scroll down, not like I've posted much lately) I mentioned a Powermatic 1200 drill press I was in the process of restoring. Last Friday I finished it. Here are some pics of the completed machine. Right now I feel the urge to write something patriotic, or reminisce about the heyday of manufacturing in America, but I don't have the skill to. I'll let this machine speak for me.


  1. Beautiful job on the restoration!

    I've got a used floor standing Delta that's pretty comparable in size and capabilities ... but not in fit-and-finish, or looks!

  2. You certainly did a great job. It looks fantastic. Are the wheels on the dolly dual function? Stationary and the ability to re position the machine by rolling it? Where did you get them?

    Jim Marsh

  3. What is the function of the table with slots that is part of the base? Is that the original lamp?

    I'm green, like the tool, with envy. Great job.

  4. Thanks! The casters for the mobile base are here: To move it I just push or pull. Rolls easy. To lock it in position a pad in the caster is lowered to the floor.

    Tico, the base castings on lots of drill presses are made with T-slots for workholding, in case you need to drill something large enough (tall, really) and use the base as the work surface. It also allows the mounting of larger fixtures for production work. I might use it once or twice the rest of my life.

    The lamp is kind of original. A friend gave me an old Fostoria, but it was missing so many parts that I decided to just buy an entirely new one. They are made in Ohio, are very heavy and rigid (thick wall steel tubing and plates)and are totally worth the money. Grainger carries them, just google "Fostoria Machine Light".

  5. That's a great looking press Jameel, congrats on the new addition to the shop, talk about a keeper!

    BTW, word on the street is you've got some more arn, a Northfield No. 4 and the jointer? (lol)!!!

    Nice score, congrats.

  6. Steve, I have NO IDEA what you are referring to. ;-)

  7. Jameel, Amazing job on the restoration. where did you get the computer control box?

  8. Automation Direct


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