Thursday, May 14, 2009

New Lie-Nielsen Tail Vise Hardware

Rob Giovannetti has just posted a video on his new blog The Tattooed Woodworker showcasing the new Lie-Nielsen tail vise hardware.

My own frustration with typical tail vise hardware led me last year to reevaluate the traditional moving-block tail vise. It was during this quest that I decided to a try a wagon vise. The result was the Benchcrafted Tail Vise.

But my old bench was built with a traditional tail vise. And it desperately needs new "moving block" tail vise hardware (the old hardware is worn, sagging, and a major nag), and I've been patiently waiting several months for Lie-Nielsen to begin offering this hardware. Needless to say, the vise is incredibly beefy and offers some fantastic features that should make it run smoothly for quite some time. I can't wait to get my hands on one.


  1. I have also waiting to get one of these hoping it will work on my old bench, that will become my Grandsons bench after I build me a new one with a Benchcraft tail vice and leg vice.
    It was also very nice to meet you in Cincinnati last weekend.


  2. Hi guys, I like this information about hardware, this is my favorite topic, is very interesting, thanks for sharing!


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