Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Poor Little Roubo Bench

After finishing my Roubo bench last year I stood back and wondered if I'd ever build a piece that would challenge the capacities of this bench. This week I came close.

I'm building a large carved cabinet of basswood, and instead of building up the carcase from flat panels, I'm opting to form the structure with frame and panel construction. This speeds up the construction for me, and also allows for a very robust framework. I like to work with solid wood and try to avoid slinging 4x8 sheets around the shop as much as possible. I'm using massive frame elements of 1-7/8" thick basswood. The cabinet is 30" high, 24" deep and 93" long.

The piece is so large it makes the Roubo look like a wimpy, spindly table. But it was the perfect bench for laying out and assembling the frame. Yep, I think Roubo can handle any pretty-much any project.


  1. That's why I'm building my own right now!

    I hope you will share some more about the carved cabinet you are making.


  2. Shannon, get that bench done. You'll wonder how you worked without it. I'm working on a post about the cabinet for the near future.

  3. Jameel, I was just wondering how it is to work with basswood. Won't it ding easyly?

  4. Working with basswood is a joy. The same properties that make it a nice carving wood also make for fine hand planing. The trade-off is its lack of surface hardness. This piece won't see hard day-to-day use.

  5. That is definitely the ultimate bench. It's my desktop background.


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