Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Benchcrafted Tail Vise

I've received numerous inquiries about this tail vise (also called a wagon vise), and whether or not it will be available for purchase. I'm glad to say that this vise will be available for sale soon.

This vise is extremely robust, precise, and operates smoothly and effortlessly thanks to a precision acme screw and nut. The precision 1-1/4" diameter left-hand screw features a pitch of 4 tpi, which strikes a balance between fairly rapid movement and controlled, gradual clamping pressure.The vise moves the same distance per turn as typical tail vise hardware. The 5" dia. handwheel is chromed cast iron, polished to a high luster. The rim is comfortable to grip when approaching final position or realeasing the vise. The cold-rolled steel outer flange is blued for a subtle look and rust protection. A coat of paste wax will further protect the parts. All other parts are cold-rolled steel. Moving parts and surfaces are machined for smooth and precise action.

The vise is designed around a Roubo-style bench (it can be retro-fit to some benches) with a top thickness of 4" or greater, although it could be used in thinner benches with wider aprons. All hardware is included. The wooden dog block will be customer-made to conform to individual dog hole row and bench thickness. The vise is set up for a maximum dog block width of 1-3/4", although wider blocks could be used. Vise capacity is variable depending on installation. On my bench there is about 7-1/2" max. between the jaws, but this can be increased by lengthening the slot and/or decreasing the width of the end cap. Maximum travel with a 2-3/4" wide end cap is 10-1/4". Instructions and templates will be included. This vise will be produced on a made-to-order basis, although turn around time shouldn't be longer than a week or two. Introductory price for the vise will be $325, not including shipping. The vise will be available with two options. A larger turned handle (in various woods) to replace the handwheel's steel handle will be available for an added cost of $25. Substituting the handwheel for a traditional iron T-handle (seen below) will be an extra $15. Please feel free to drop me an email if you are interested in ordering a vise, or have any questions.

Handwheel knob in cocobolo.

Iron T-handle (wood not included)


  1. Jameel,

    I was wondering if you were going to offer these for sale. I may take you up on this. I don't have any machinists friends or contacts and would rather leave this to someone else.

  2. Shannon,

    I have a page for the vise at the Benchcrafted website ready to publish. Look for an announcement here (and at the Benchcrafted Blog) in the next couple days.


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