Sunday, May 4, 2008

Brese plane kit complete

I finished up the Ron Brese small smoother kit over the weekend. I'm really impressed with this plane, and for the price of the kit (less than $300), it's the most pain-free way to get into a brand-new high-performance infill smoother. I made a few changes that added to the time necessary to complete the kit. But the basic, unmodified kit would be easily a weekend project for the this plane's target audience, I would think. Funny thing about kits. It's my first one, but I almost feel like I made the whole thing. It's pretty satisfying work, and a fantastically functioning tool to boot. Special thanks to Dumont Digital for the excellent photography.

Here's a pic of the plane's first test drive...

...and the actual test drive... :-)


  1. Jameel,

    As I told you elsewhere I think you did a phenomenal job with this kit. Plus, you turned a kit into a one-of-a-kind knockout user. Well done!

    Now, show me how you make those Oud's for love's sake!

  2. Thanks Raney!

    It's back to ouds for a while now. I'll be posting soon...


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